Saturday, January 15, 2005

Blogging in a Garden

In another life, I maintain a textiles blog, and thought I might have a try at one for my garden. That should explain the profile picture!

However ......

I am gardening in rural Victoria (some of you, known as "the locals") will know exactly where, as part of the function of this blog is to pass along those bits I have been trying to give away much easier

Memo to Locals: if anyone wants masses and masses of old fashionaed cream jonquils, now is the time to catch up with me, but it is dig your own. Those that I have dug are going to an old-folks home for fund raising. But I do have a whole large pot of suckers of the Apothercary's Rose that is looking for a home. Catch up with me.

I established my garden about 15 years ago, so the trees are coming into maturity, and most were chosen for autumn colours. They are my joy, as are my few surviving odd roses. And my kitchen garden - where just a few of my tomatoes are ripening at the moment. But years of doing other things means that the weeds have taken over, and I am only slowly getting them under control. Although each piece of a bed cleared is a joy.

Would love to know about other Gardeners who Blog, especially in similar climactic conditions - it is hot and dry here at the minute, and we are on permanent stage 1 water restrictions. So I am trying to get the mulch down. But whatever I buy (straw or peas) has seed in it. :( So today I actually hit some prunings with the lawn mower, and was delighted to see how quickly that mulched. Should have rememebred that was the way before mulchers took over the world. The cheapie I have here does the wood of small branches well, but hates leafy stuff.

What else? My galtonias are out, and look like wonderful, giant snowdrops. So the world cannot be all bad. The rose in the background is Dainty Maid - which I have carted around for years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Chloe
Love your galtonias we can't grow them in my part of Sydney, need a colder climate, but my spider lilies are looking gorgeous, 3 crepe mytles are flowering,lollipop
bouganvillias look like they are about to flower again,the espaliered lime is growing nicely, 2 hoyas are budding up, quite exciting, they haven't done anything before and a tb iris thinks it's spring and has a flower so LG.
Robyn in Mount Annan

7:46 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Hi Robyn - have you ever tried Galtonias???? I just lucked across these in the supermarket, of all places, didn't know a thing about them, and just stuck them in. And they grew. And I think I now have a heap coming from seed.

You say I am colder - yet my hoya has been in flower for weeks - first time this year it has flowered, and there are 40 flower sprays on it. So I guess it depends a bit on where individual plants are, but if I am colder i would have expected my hoya to be miles behind yours .....

Your garden sounds lovely and loved

10:39 PM  
Blogger Maureen said...

I DO like your Galtonias Chloe!(Can't say that I've seen them before though)I have only a clump of snowdrops that flower annually, and Bergenias that flaunt thier blooms once in a blue moon.
At the moment am busy trying to get my share of a good mango crop away from flying foxes and our resident possum..............time to make mango chutney :-) Can't have curry without chutney!
Do you ever pickle your way to use some of the glut!

4:31 PM  

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