Friday, February 04, 2005

Irises being divided

Just for the locals (and you know who you are). It is so lovely and damp after the rain (I am hearing three inches, in round figures) that I have taken the chance to pull out all the vigourous purple irises I have been wanting to get rid of.

They'll be on the nature strip in the barrow - there's a bottle there if anyone wants to throw in some coins for the Community House ($16 went up there there other day - thanks!)


Blogger Alice said...

I hope all of your irises have gone to good homes. I never used to like irises much but I do now; there are such beautiful colours available these days. The bottle on the nature strip for money for the Community House reminds me of the Honesty Boxes we saw when my daughter lived in Switzerland. Fields of gladioli or sunflowers were open to the public to pick as they wished with an honesty box for payment. I'm still trying to set up my own Blog, without much success. I'm glad my gardening knowledge is far greater than my computer knowledge.

10:16 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Okay - I have amended my profile so people can now find my e-mail address - but only after much consideration. Alice, if you e-mail me throught aht, I will talk you through the blog thing, if you are using Blogger

10:31 PM  

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