Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Accessing blogs

Sweet Alice is worried her checking my blog might inflate my figures. :) I wondered where they all came from. :)

Following a suggestion from Sharon at inaminuteago, I am now using bloglines. All I do is bookmark the "my blogs" part, and check that. And all the blogs I have subscribed to, where there are new posts, they come up in bold. I click on them, then click on them again on the right (you'll get the idea), and I go and read new posts. Saves me heaps of times checking blogs.

And there is a new one out there that has started in the USA that I am reading - check out Stephanie at Hidden Garden. This promises to be most interesting. Must get organised to put her in my side-bar.

Love to stop and natter, but it is sauce-making day. Big :)


Blogger stephaniedistler said...

Thank you Linda! You have a fantastic garden blog here also, we are so akin in our styles of, quite a bit actually, from art to gardening.
Amazing that you are coming into Fall now with us entering Spring. I saw my first spring robin this morning and the rain is washing all the snow away hopefully.

8:53 AM  

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