Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Abandon the Mulch


I have always used pea straw as a mulch, with just a few peas coming up. That wasn't a problem. This year, after I run out of my donated straw, I bought a bale of pea mulch. And up came the peas. There were hundreds.

In despair, I have pulled that mulch off, watered again to try and germinate remaining seeds so I can dig them in before planting, and gone searching for straw.


We found wheat straw at two different farm/animal supplies places. The bale on the left was $14.50, the one on the right $12.50. And they weighed exactly the same, despite the size. The smaller one was just so much denser.

So I reckon I am changing to that in the future - cheaper, and no seeds. And I think it handles better, too.


Blogger Ran said...

god, my pea straw mulch has done the same. so annoying!

4:06 PM  

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