Friday, August 02, 2013

Life is too short to grow White Geraniums

I've just been yanking out white geraniums. I bought a six-pack at Bunnings, of assorted colours. Result? One red, five white. 

This is shot of where I have been doing most of my gardening lately, down at my Mother's hostel. They moved her room, so I have to uproot her pots (literally speaking) from a courtyard to a verandah. Lots more people to enjoy them where they are now, and my verandah area is, uuummmm, spreading.

I'm growing on stock at home - has to be hardy! And bright. Not white. Just had a couple of pavers put in where a woman was just looking at a brick wall with pipes. She loves gardens.

Whole, new garden.

Back soon.


Blogger sassi said...

What a lovely idea to brighten up the lives of some people who seem to get forgotten :/
It reminds me of a friend that used to plant stealth daffodils - she'd find an area that looked a bit dreary and sneak back in winter to plant some daffodils. I always wondered how many people would notice, whereas you must get such immediate feedback with your plants.

9:10 PM  

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