Monday, January 17, 2005


Cucumbers are one of my favourite veggies – both to grow and to eat. I’ve never had much luck with Apple Cucumbers, nor Lebanese, so I usually put in a punnet of burpless cucumbers when they first come out, and pray for no frost. Last year they were spectacular, and I was giving them away everywhere. They got to about six foot high. This year they were bearing okay, but are struggling to reach four and a half feet high – maybe because I has a few sweet peas going up the same frame, and the competition was too much.

The cukes are trying to grow up the arch half way up this path

So, I thought I would see if I could put some more in. The aim was to get a late crop to take over when these finished – which I thought would be early. But there aren’t any out there in punnets, so I had to settle on seed. This morning the first little cotyledons (seed leaves) poked themselves up. Snail bait distributed – now to see if they make it to the fruiting stage.


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