Saturday, February 05, 2005

Wandering Jew

I have been meditating on the subject of Wandering Jew (Tradescantia?), while pulling the blasted stuff out. This has always been my house, but I rented it out for a few years while I lived elsewhere, and one of those tenants must have introduced it. It is still only in one spot, and pulls out quite easily – but it has got under the front decking, and I cannot get at it in there.

So I have got quite Churchillian – it shall not pass. I shall fight it at the edges. I shall fight it at the tank. I will fight it everywhere! And I shall not compost it.!


Blogger Alice said...

Wretched stuff. I assume you don't want to use Roundup, etc, so I wonder if pouring boiling or very hot water on it would work. It would probably kill the stems and foliage but whether the shock would be enough to kill the roots, I don't know. I only have a small amount at the moment growing through the lavender bushes. Whilst it's easy enough to pull the top part off you can't always get all of the roots.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Linda said...

Actually, I am seriously considering, if you look at the later photo of the Meyer lemon etc, pulling the boards off the side/end of the verandah, where they are not so obvious, and going caving in there until I eliminate the stuff mechanically!

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here I am again, your distant cousin from down the way, ex- student and also avid gardener! Talk about a co-incidence. Discovered your garden blog only this morning complete with your quote from another distant relative, 13th cousin 2x removed, to be exact! To top it off, today I started a new job, doing a friend's gardening. To actually get paid for doing something so pleasurable! Was thinking of visiting my old class afterwards but got too dirty! As for my Wandering Jew, it has really taken over our back fenceline. Climbing all through hubby's collection of antenna poles! I will just have to be strict with myself and throw it in the rubbish bin instead of the compost, the weed that is, not the poles, (athough I would be just as happy to see the last of them too.)

2:24 PM  

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