Saturday, October 04, 2008

An Alternative to Chemicals


We would like to be able to give up chemicals - so we are experimenting with alternatives.

This is Gary, the Guardian of the Garden.

He is new, and as it is time to start planting out the veggies seedlings, and he promised us that he adores snails, we thought we would give him a try.

We are getting serious about the Veggie Gardens this year - in both gardens where I am splitting my time. Right now it is the brinksmanship about - is is safe to put the tomatoes in yet??? The first ones (commercial) went in this weekend, but we have all sorts of little seedlings poking their heads up, and we are watching them carefully.


Blogger lilyflax said...

Yes it is not too early to put them in, mine I sowed back in August in the glasshouse and planted already some out-see Blog

5:51 PM  

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