Monday, August 05, 2013

What's on the Potting Bench?

This is my potting bench at the minute. Main items, L - R, are:

Watering Can - full of a mix of worm wee and Maxicrop. Got them mixed up, in unlabelled bottles, so just combined them. Giving all the pots a very dilute feed.

Soaking bowl - just out of sight. It is the glass bowl from a benchtop oven that died. I couldn't bear to throw out the bowl, and if I don't drop it, it will last longer than any plastic. At the moment it is soaking a terracotta strawberry pot that dried out. This is one of those skinny ones, and despite some drainage pipe up the centre to help watering, it dries out easily.

A cast-iron Pig that Flies. Every garden should have one of these - currently deciding where it will move to. Sourced several years ago from BAAG, my favourite nursery, in Bulleen in Melbourne.

A large, squat and cheap Strawberry Pot from Garden World, just the other day. Immediately treated with terracotta sealer, and for want of something at the minute, planted with a double-pink geranium and some Lobelia. But I am having second thoughts. I think I will put drainage pipe down the centre and it will grow six lettuces. I like squat ones like this, as they don't dry out as easily.

Four packs of glazed terracotta saucers from Berwick Pottery. We called in there the other day and found a pallet out the front with a sign "Free - Take as many as you like". Thanks, BP!


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