Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Drumroll - Tomato Anxiety


We have just taken the figures for the past eleven years, and calculated the average point where we have too many tomatoes to eat, and start to boil them down for the freezer.

Which turns out to be 30 January!!! So we are not late at all this year. I calculate we will be boiling down on the weekend 1st or 2nd March.

Over the eleven years, the earliest has been the 7th January, the latest 14th March.

But the Chillies/Peppers are very slow.

I know they have taken at least a month, sometimes more to germinate this year - and despite the best encouragement (read Maxicrop), they have sat just like this for almost a month.

They need to be just a little bit larger (apart from one), before I put them out to battle with the birds.


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