Sunday, January 30, 2005

Here come the Bulbs

The rain the other night was wonderful, I did hear it was 19mm – I didn’t measure it. So almost 80 points. I still think in points.

And today I notice the Grape Hyacinths are poking their shoots up. Although there is something else poking through before them – I think the orange Tritonia, which unfortunately are in almost feral proportions. And I don’t like them – not so much orange in a garden. Must try to knock them back a bit this year.

And on a sort of good news – my double Soapwort is flowering. The single soapwort is a bit like orange Tritonia – taking over. Have even tried Roundup on it in spots (yes, gentle reader, I use Roundup as a last resort, in a very specific way). And I thought I might have lost the double Soapwort, which is a much darker pink, and not nearly as vigorous. But it is still there. And I am glad.


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