Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Spuds too

I make my compost in four large tubs made from galvanised iron tanks, and while I am waiting for the worm-assisted compost to mature, I plant spuds in them. Sometimes I get a good crop, sometimes not.

Basically, what I do is always have one tank I am using, one I am filling, and two "cooking" with spuds in them. As I take the top off one tank, I throw the plants and any small spuds into the tanks I am filling. No great science. And I have a few spuds that I allow to grow where-ever they come up in the kitchen garden too.

But this year I harvested the spuds so early (I wanted the compost), I thought I might try for a mid-season crop. Might get one in before the first frost - we have them pretty severely. So I stuck all the bushes and spuds in the next tank and topped it up, and am still waiting. And watering. Part of my problem, I think, is that they are "new" spuds, and not quite ready to shoot. But the first ones are starting to sneak through - I think.


Blogger FO - 2 said...

Smart! I bet that you get a lot of good soil from these. (:

11:44 PM  

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