Sunday, February 06, 2005

New Fence Approaches

D, my next-door neighbour, is working on a new boundary fence for us - it is going along here on the left of the photo - just imagine the Meyer lemon on the right, you can see a couple of leaves peeping in.

Fence before

It is going to be a tall, picket fence, which will give me a totally different micro-climate - previously it was a wire netting fence. In the far back one of the old corner posts is already on the ground.

It would be nice to think this archway framed a beautful view into my back garden - but the reality is - that is usually where my tip trailer lives.


Blogger Alice said...

The new fence will certainly change your micro climate and give your garden a whole new perspective. It's nice to be able to include your neighbours garden in your view (so long as it's well kept and compatible with your scheme)but now you'll have to enjoy just your garden, at least on that side. I love the tall brick walls around large English gardens. Their heatbank abilities would be very useful here in Canberra.

Your garden looks as though it's enjoyed recent rain. When the ground is damp and everything looks fresh, you think anything is possible in the garden, but when it's dry and parched you think "why bother?" Still, I guess that's one of the challenges of gardening and you have to make the best of it, and enjoy it, no matter what the weather.

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