Monday, February 14, 2005

Odd Jobs and the Barrow

The barrow on the nature strip has had a fair run – when I looked there was only one sad iris left, plus onions. Well, I love growing onions, but I guess veggie gardens are not as popular as years ago. But these ones are good for kids to grow too.

There is $24.15 there to go up to the Community House.

So I have put out a few more jonquils and some Nerines – the ordinary ones, plus the last scrabbly ones that are early and dark pink-red. They probably won’t flower this year, but will establish for later years.

And I have been cutting back the Hebe in preparation for working on the bed with the Chinese Pistacio in it. Hebes were another thing I loved as a little kid – opening the tips leaf by leaf, to see how many there were, and how small they could get. And the Kumquat is in that bed – looks like it is going to be loaded this year. Now, if anyone wants some Kumquats for marmadale – I used to make Kumquat Brandy, but I have got a little too much of that on hand now – and it is an acquired taste – I love it, but not others that I know. I won’t put the Kumquats out in the barrow – but if anyone local wants some, give a holler.


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