Saturday, February 05, 2005

Today's worksite

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This is where I have been working today. The other day, with the help of a Dear Friend (DF) we removed masses of Wedding Day rose from the top of the arch on the left, as it was totally covering the Garrya (which you can now see as sticks), and making the Meyer (sp?) lemon grow totally topsy. We had to cut off most of the Garrya, but it is shooting again - they are tough, although the bark appears dead in some places - ie there are strips of living bark and strips of dead bark going right up the branches.

Today I weeded the bed (and that is where that Wandering Jew was) and have mulched it down with pea straw. There is also Oxalis in that bed (one of five spots I am trying to get rid off), that I am going to zap once it comes up - I used to try just digging it out, but now I zap it to take a bit of vigour out of it, and then dig it. It is an ongoing process.

And I need to defend the bed from my Mother - she is already trying to plant Hydrangeas in there, and I really need to get the Oxalis out first.


Blogger Alice said...

I really must get a digital camera. Just looking at the photo of where you have been working today - I can just picture you there (not that I know what you look like, apart from having purple legs and brightly coloured feet).

8:42 PM  

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