Sunday, February 06, 2005

Violets and Cameras

Sweet Alice over at A Growing Delight has been writing about Violets - which are a plant that has been exercising my mind for some time.

I have the same problem as Alice, in that I have that feral purple one that is everywhere. Makes a good ground cover if you don't want to grow anthing else, and that is about it. So I am trying to eradicate that all over the place. It lurves mulch!

But my main interest is try to check that I still have all my different violets, and maybe even trying to get one type to a bed in the kitchen garden, so I know exactly where the main stocks are. (My kitchen garden is six large, square beds, each very distinct).

The violets that I have are -

A semi-deciduous deep purple that has large flowers and is non-invasive.

One with a similar growth and leaf, but the flowers are blue and white.

A white violet that can be a little invasive, but is easier to control.

My favourite - a pink violet I have had for years and years. I found it growing in a crevice at the outdoor toilet at the Omeo Police Station - maybe thirty years ago??? I love this one, as it is so unusual.

Which brings me to digital cameras in the garden - I have a cheapie, which is wonderful for big pictures. But it does not have a hope of capturing a single violet. I have been thinking for a while that my very good film camera is coming back into use - I can creep up on the smallest aphid with it, and I get the film processed as a CD - and all the pictures are better quality than the digital. And I have the negatives to store somewhere safely for archival purposes.

It just isn't as instant as the digital. But in many ways it is better.

I'm off to go and sneak up on a Violet.


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