Monday, March 07, 2005

The Nerines are Coming!

Well, the Belladonnas have me beat. All the ones that are in places where I didn't deliberately plant them, are in flower. My two best clumps are not. So I am giving up on them for a while.

However today's announcement is that The Nerines are Coming! (A bit like The Marines are Coming!).

What has me excited is that I have noticed a couple of thin, spindly flower stalks coming up where I had planted bulbs from the small, red/dark pink nerine that used to be at another house where I lived. I recently acquired a few of them and planted the dry bulbs - and this is them. From memory, they were always earlier than conventional nerines.

So I had a quick look, and the white ones (which are also earlier) don't seem to be throwing up flower spikes yet. Nor the common pink. But the other interesting thing is that the whites and most of the pinks have not even died down completely from last year. The ones behind the birdbath, that get a lot of water, are lush, luxuriant green. It must be the year.

I wonder if the ones that have been left in the garden all year will flower????

But the dark pink ones are definitely on their way.


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