Sunday, July 17, 2005

Garden Ramblings

I've been rambling around the garden - so here are some random ramblings:


The purple Iris is out. This was in the garden of an old house a friend bought - it always flowers now, not at the same time as other, more respectable purple irises. And that is all I know about it.


My lemon tree is loaded - and is much yellower than it shows in this picture. I have tried all sorts of things - citrus fertiliser, the worm wee, to no avail. I think it needed more water - it was as dry as everything else, and the lemons are small but usable. Right now I am picking and giving away heaps, as the tree will never have a chance with this many lemons on it. And it hasn't really recovered from years ago, when I rented this house out, and the tenant tied a horse to the much smaller tree and almost completely ring-barked it.


And, here is the first Daffodil - it was hiding under a bush. It is in the King Alfred group, but isn't quite one, as the petals are much lighter. It beat the true King Alfred (below) by about a day. So, where have my doubles gone???? They were always the first, I thought.

One thing about a blog - it sharpens your observation and helps you keep a record



Blogger Miss Robyn said...

oh, I love to garden! My lemon trees are heavily fruited this year as well. I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with so many.
Glad that I found your blog ! Another australian !

10:08 AM  
Blogger Maureen said...

Chloe,when we had the citrus orchard years ago,we used to "treat" our lemons to a good dose of (old)deep litter poultry manure and plenty of water around the drip line of the trees.
If there are any "meat bird" chook sheds near you,try them for a bag or 3.You really need the "not-so-fresh" manure and the sawdust mixture breaks it down even furtherand prevents root burn

4:41 PM  

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