Saturday, May 21, 2005

Auditing the Autumn Leaves

There is no peak here for autumn colour - I have been Auditing my Autumn Leaves.

With notebook in hand, I walked out the back door and turned right:

White Cedar – green (what tips the cockies have left)
Crepe Myrtle – turning
Mulberry – green
Unknown autumn rose – green
Wisteria (white) – turning
White cedar – turning
Unknown (tree – elm???) – bare
Smoke Bush – peak
Cherry – peak (never should have planted by the smoke bush – too similar)
Claret Ash – peak
Manchurian pear – peak
Large crabapple – peak
Nyssa – bare
Grapevine – still good, but past best
Liquidambar – peak (maybe)
Robinia – almost finished, but not much anyway
Tulip Tree – almost finished
Lemon verbena – slight turn
Pistacio – peak
Bloomfield ambundance (yes, a rose!) – turning
Maple – bare
Viburum – turning (must move it)
Crabapple (Ionensis?) – bare
Birch – turning
Wisteria – green
Judas Tree – turning
Snowberry – slight turn
Spiketail – slight turn
Spicebush – turning, but flowers out!!!!
Crategus – red hips, green leaves
Double May – turning
Single May – green

I wonder if I missed any???? There are 32 on this list, and although some are shrubs on the smaller side, they do have nice autumn colour. The audit was yesterday, and as I look out the back door (it was quite cool last night), I reckon a few more have turned further overnight.


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