Friday, May 06, 2005


There I was, having a lovely, peaceful morning in the Kitchen Garden. I was cleaning up a back corner, which is a bit too shady to grow much, but it has this lovely, white Tobacco in there:


I thought I would take a few branches off the suckering Queensland White Cedar in behind it - to open the area up a bit.

Aaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhhh! No!!!!!!!!!!!! That branch wasn't supposed to fall that way!!!!

My beautiful, white, six-foot high tobacco is now TWO inches high. :(
And this text is misbehavin' - and I'm gonna leave it right that way and go back out and weed!


Blogger Alice said...

That's really sad. Perhaps you could rescue the flowers and dry or press them so that you can still have the benefit of that wonderful perfume.

3:13 PM  

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