Saturday, April 23, 2005

White in the Garden

I wonder what everyone's favourite colour is in the garden???? Not favourite plant, but favourite colour. Mine is definitely blue, although I do like dark red too.

But I know Hellie loves White, so I took a wander around my garden to see what whites there are at the minute.


These are my "white of the minute" - the white Nerines are out. They are smaller, and more delicate than their rather brassy, hot-pink cousins, but do clump up better and are much more hardy.


This is my Night-scented Tobacco - a short-lived perennial that produces millions of seeds, and I mainly grow it in the back of the kitchen garden. I must spread it to the front garden, where its height will be really wonderful. This is only a short one - about five foot tall. I commonly get them to six foot. But they are wonderful, as they do grow so easily from the seed.


And this is the last one for the minute - a cream to white Gazania, with a touch of yellow. So not really white. But I do like it, and infinitely prefer it to the orange one. Although I do like the dark red gazania - must find that one again.


Blogger Alice said...

You asked what were our favourite colours in the garden? As I am more into foliage effects now than flowers my favourite colours would have to be silver, burgundy, gold and green. Doesn't leave much else, does it? I like to see the way those colours contrast and compliment each other. But I still love flowers, especially almost any blue flower, clear yellow, and deepest red.

I actually started this as a blog and also included favourite plants but that got ridiculous because I couldn't decide which were my favourites and which were ones that I just loved. So I'll have to give that some more thought.

7:44 PM  

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