Friday, April 22, 2005

End of Tommies

I’ve just had a few wonderful hours in the kitchen garden, and two and a half beds cleared (from six) is the result. Today was the official pulling out of the tomatoes, but there are still heaps of capsicums there to pick.

I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but when my brother was living and gardening next door, he heard that native bush snails were carnivorous, and ate small garden snails. So he went up to a fern gully, caught some (had to run them down), and brought them back for his garden.

Well, that may be right about them eating other snails – but what he didn’t realise is that they were omnivorous!!!! Every now and then it happens. Today I found my Horseradish had turned into a lace plant – they seem to love it, and there is only a skeleton of the leaves left, and lots of these tiny little snails on it.

So a few more hours in there tomorrow, and I will have three beds cleared – and then be back in it Tuesday. Hellie – if you are reading this, I forgot to give you the Apothecary’s Rose last time – if you want it, you could try and catch me on Tuesday.


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