Saturday, April 23, 2005

Best-value Autumn

I am doing a few catch-up posts - and am interested in documenting my autumn leaves. The blog is making me much more observant, and I watch the changes more carefully.

And I am fascinated by the progress of autumn. My indicator that it was coming was the first leaves on the Ornamental Grapevine along the front verandah turning. And it is only just reaching its potential now, and looks like this:


And, at the same time the Tulip tree was just turning. The Tulip Tree has lost about half its leaves, and is still there, yellow and brown. And we have not had a lot of wind. So almost all the leaves are still on the grapevine.

But, in the meantime, one of the Crabapples and the Nyssa have been and gone in a sudden blaze of short glory.

And the Smoke Bush, Liquidambar, big Crabapple, Manchurian Pear, Flowering Cherry, Crategus, Pistacio and a few other things are all still green.

And still no frost. It has got to be soon - the buds on the Tree Dahlia are getting quite mature.


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