Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Tree Dahlias

These are not mine, but are in a nearby town. And they are just stunning - they reach the top of the gable of the small cottage , and go right down the side.

Tree dahlias

These are obviously ones allowed to reach their full height, and much-loved. I keep taking the centre out of mine as they grow, which gives a much shorter bush, but heaps more flowers. But I don't have a good example to show this year - maybe next year. This year they are squishing in between the mulberry tree and a buddlea.


Blogger Alice said...

Aren't they gorgeous. I'd love to get some of the white and the dark pink ones. There is a double white but judging by the picture in Diggers catalogue it looks a bit messy. We saw a lovely 'forest' of tree dahlias in the garden at St. Erth at Blackwood.

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