Saturday, May 14, 2005

First Frost and Fence Finished

Definitely a "F" post. :)

I am running behind with this blog - but do need to record that I met Hellie up the street the other day - and she fixed my wagon. I reckoned it was minimum of two degrees overnight, but she had been out in the paddock next door, and it was definitely a frost.

So my mother's thermometer, which is next to the bricks of the house, reads higher than the general air temperature just a little further away.

And that figures. That was the night of Monday 9th May for the first frost. And on Tuesday, 10th May, the first petals broke out from the Tree Dahlias. They easily survived that frost, but as soon as there is a severe one, they will be gone.

And the side fence is finished - and is wonderful. It is like being given a whole new fernery up the side of the house, so I spent yesterday there weeding and planting up.

New Fence

This is what the fence looks like from the front verandah - with the Ornamental Grape still hanging on. It is definitely the best-value autumn foliage.


Blogger Alice said...

Fence looks great. Having a background for a garden seems to make it more complete, like those high brick walls you see in English gardens. So far no frosts here but I think that's because the ground is so very dry - certainly no green grass like I see in your lovely photo. We have been enjoying our tree dahlias for a couple of weeks. Four-year-old grandaughter can't work out why we planted them because even Grandpa can't reach them. I must give her some to grow so she can be astonished at their rate of growth and height.

10:07 AM  

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