Thursday, October 16, 2008

Seedling Update


Here is today's view inside the seed raising area (a small cold frame from Aldi)

There is a bigger copy HERE.

The toilet rolls (bottom left) have not started to unravel yet, but are drying out quicker than the plastic pots.

The peat trays (in groups of eight) are also drying out quicker than the plastic pots.

The Corn Starch pots (green, in two groups, both with tomatoes) have not yet started to break down. Some are being used second time around. The theory is we throw them in the compost bin when finished, and they will break down. Seems a bit like encouraging us to be part of the throwaway society, to me. Next try is going to be cut down milk cartons.

Only other observation at the minute is that we have been buying seeds of a particular brand in the cheap shops. The germination in them is definitely not as good as ones such as Goodmans etc. Guess it is a case of you get what you pay for.


Blogger lilyflax said...

Cold Frame from Aldi, I am so jealous, yes I can grow seedlings at work but the other staff winge about me being obcessed with vegies. Can one be obcessed, are there othere plants. Yes there are, herbs.....Great site, peas straw is a pain, easy trick, turn it over in lumps

3:07 PM  

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