Friday, November 07, 2008

Broad Beans

The Broad Beans are just finishing, and they have been wonderful. The trick is to catch them young, and cook them by just steaming them for a short time.

We have managed to give quite a few of them away - it was especially good to swap a lot for a HUGE quantity of Asparagus.

So we have just invented a wonderful salad - just as we run out of beans.

Cook and chill the Broad Beans.

Add Kalamatta Olives, cubed fetta (we use Australian full-cream fetta) and some finely sliced spring onion (I use the red scallions).

Finally, pour over Italian dressing.

It is very, very nice.


Blogger Jamie said...

Know what you mean about home-grown broad beans. This year's crop was my first and I'll be growing them again next year. Nice flowers on them, too. And I like your salad idea, could almost taste it as I read it!



6:33 AM  
Blogger proud womon said...

oooh, salad sounds lovely - might have to try that soon!

unfortunately never had any success with broad beans... but the toilet roll idea sounds interesting...


10:25 PM  

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