Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Ultimate Compost Bin

Teds compost bin

We are just back from Auntie Dot's, after her 90th Birthday, and this is her late husband's compost bin. He was a third generation bricklayer. So what does he make the compost bin out of? Bricks, of course. (DH also tells me that ALL males in his generation were bricklayers!)

The compost bin is well over six foot high, and square. You climb up the two brick steps at bottom left, and throw in the kitchen scraps. (They were built for his wife. Ted was a giant and didn't need the steps). We don't think there was a lid, and it worked like a Lime Kiln - you just levered up the gate at the bottom (gate still in place, lever missing), and shovelled the compost out the bottom. Throw the hose in the top occasionally, and apparently it worked a treat.

Sadly, it is no longer in use.

DH, despite his genes, is not a bricklayer, and is not in the slightest interested in making one. He used Gedye-bin type bins, and I use half corrugated iron water tanks.


Blogger Sally said...

Wow, what a great idea, I love that bin!!

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