Monday, October 04, 2010

Saying Goodbye to a Garden


It is over 12 months since I have blogged this garden - for the past five months I have not been able to garden after a knee injury in the garden - so now it is looking sad - but very springlike.

We are just a few weeks away from putting this house and garden onto the market, and I am relocating to a wonderful native garden that I have worked on for the past ten years, with serious veggie garden.

But it means this garden, which I started to plant 24 years ago, is going to be sold.

So right now, it means I need to choose what I am going to take with me - hopefully the cottage garden stuff that is most important will be finding a new home at Old Gippstown.

Like these Sparaxias. The orange and white ones have been hybridising all over the place by themselves for the past few years. Once each colour is isolated, it then keeps true to that colour. There is one in this group that is such a deep red, it is almost black.

So I have been picking out the nicest, and lift them to grow on next year.


Blogger Unknown said...

Good luck on your move! I hope you enjoy your new home.

1:29 AM  
Blogger Susie said...

I can't believe it! Only yesterday did I just happen upon Chloe's Musings, and was thrilled to find a "like minded gardener?"- and in Victoria, with similar growing conditions.
This morning,- ALAS! You are going. What a shame. Having not long ago moved myself, and started again, I wish you well, and do hope your pleasures continue to thrive.

12:32 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Hi Susie,

I am still around, and will still be gardening - possibly with THREE gardens - stay tuned. Just it is going to be in different gardens. Have to find somewhere to put my most precious plants!

9:01 AM  
Blogger Alice said...

Hi Chloe - I hope your house and garden sell well and soon. Sorry to hear you've been laid up with a bad knee.

What beautiful sparaxis - definitely need to go with you. I bet there's lots more you'll want to take too.

12:33 AM  
Blogger Susie said...

Hi Linda, So nice that you will still be around. But 3 gardens! Wow, what a commitment. I do hope it does not get too hot, and that we continue to get some more wonderful rain. I also must comment on your beautiful Sparaxias. Arn't the colours unusual, and the blooms look larger than the normal ones. I grew some this year, but mine are so ordinary in comparison. When you find a moment,and if you remember, would you please tell me where you bought them? Thanks Linda. Regards, Susie.

11:48 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

Hi Susie,

I didn't really buy them. Soemwhere, somehow, I got the orange and a sort of offwhite. Or maybe only one of them. About 20 years ago. Then, 10 to 15 years ago a red appeared, and I liked it so much I moved it elsewhere, where it stayed pure. Now, for about the last five years, the gene pool seems diverse enough (I think it is a number of recessives coming through)that thee odd ones are popping up everywhere. So I have lots and lots of them, they are just coming up wild in my garden.

9:04 AM  
Blogger J.C. said...

All the best in moving to the new place. Hope your new garden would flourish like the current one.

9:07 PM  

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