Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello 2012

There was I, announcing my return to 2012, when I lost the whole post. Memo - save as you go!

I am back. My garden, which I have loved and grown for 25 years was handed to new owners on 25 November, and I only managed to take a few cuttings and pots with me. From being a carer of a garden (not mine!) in the past, where I had care of 900 roses, I am now down to three. How DO you choose what to take with you and what to leave. Just ask me!

In the meantime, I am now living permanently in a garden where I have been on a part-time basis for 14 years, so it is not totally new to me. This garden is mainly natives and veggies. Here is our highlight for the year, with the Gymea lily flowering.

Gymea Lily

My old garden is HERE, and my new one HERE.

Back soon to introduce you to more of my garden. Happy new year to everyone for 2012, and may if bring you 100% germination on your seeds!


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