Monday, February 14, 2005

Finally - a solitary Belladonna

Well, the big news this morning is that one of my Belladonnas is up. Not that it was supposed to be in that bed, mind. So the ones I am waiting for (my deep hot pink), haven’t yet appeared. But that bed is well-watered – maybe those that are dry flower early ???


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Chloe
In the front garden of the house I am purchasing is a clump of 12 stems of belladonna, with 2 more coming up, happy days, I think the former lady of the house was a gardener, as a saw stargazer liliums,and things that pop up at different times of the year, I shall be pulling out the south african daisies, and other fillers to give me space to plant my treasures. I wonder what daffs will be popping there lovely heads up to the sun?

12:53 AM  

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