Sunday, April 03, 2005

Weeding and Nyssa

Today is going to be a weeding day - I am a bit like Calidore - which bed do I decide to do????

It doesn't look as hot, so shade is not as important.

I should maintain some that I have got clear, and then attack the worst. So I hope to get to the corner of the Liquidambar bed:

Liquidambar bed

But just so you don't go away shuddering, here is a picture of my Nyssa, as it approaches its autumn peak. It has struggled, as it is in lawn and really wants to be in a bed.



Blogger Alice said...

You're right, I did almost shudder when I saw the bed you are about to tackle. But I was also a bit envious as I thought "Wouldn't it be great to get enough rain so that you could have weeds like that and green grass?" That is quite a chore in front of you though.

The Nyssa is a beautiful colour. I had never seen nor heard of the Nyssa until we visited a large-tree nursery in the Southern Highlands a few years ago. The Nyssa by the pond was a huge tree in all its autumn glory. Just had to have one after that but our is still quite small.

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