Friday, April 01, 2005

World's Tallest Wisteria

I'm feeling a bit frustrated!

I took heaps of pictures of my lovely, almost finished new fence (and the garden in front of it), to post here. I am sure everyone is excited about my fence as I am. And of the Gold Crocus (which the millipedes in the mulch are verrrrry excited about, and chomping away at, at great guns).

Then I started talking to D about the fence (we are redesigning the grape arbor at the road end), and I touched a wrong button on the camera.

Now, I don't know a lot about this camera, except how to point and click. So a strange screen came up, and by dint of pressing all sorts of buttons, I got rid of it, and took a few more photos. When I came to download the photos (I have them done offsite), I had lost all the fence and crocus pics. And all I had left were the ones taken later.

So I can't show you the fence until Tuesday. *sad*

So, instead, here is one of the other pictures:

Crabapple and Wisteria

This is looking through the smaller crabapple (I think it is ioensis, or something similar), to the silver birch. And the silver birch is about forty feet high. And the wisteria has reached the top. And cannot go any further, as the silver birch is being effectively tip-pruned by the cockatoos. So the wisteria is clumping up there - looks brilliant in spring!

And, speaking of the crabapple. I have bought a journal book. Future plantings will carefully be recorded (and indexed) in a bound book. And I will trawl though my old labels and scraps of paper, and see if I can work out what some of the things that I have are.

Stand by!!!!!


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