Friday, October 28, 2005

Cup Day in the Garden

Okey Dokey - this is it.

Just for locals (you know who you are, and pass the word along), I will be in my garden on cup day, from 10am to dark. Feel free to call in and put in requests for pieces of the various irises when I divide up.

All pieces $2 each, all funds to the community house.

The lawn will be long (mown today, will need it again tomorrow) and there are weeds everywhere. So if they are likely to offend - don't come!

Can't put a notice up in the shop until Monday - my printer is out of ink!

See you Tuesday. Requests will be listed for some bulbs too, and I will try and strike rose cuttings by request. They are looking rather good too.

And I will post a picture tonight of my almost black iris. Right now I gotta mow the nature strip!


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