Tuesday, October 25, 2005

This is the Peak

White iris

I was looking at my garden yesterday, and think this is the peak.

The Ixias are almost finished - they didn't like the rather nice rain we have had. The Lilacs are almost finished, the Sparaxias are finished.

The Irises are half out (still more to come), the early roses are all out, the Crabapples are stunning, the Flanders Poppies (I lost the pictures of them, will try again), are just coming out. The first green tomato (yes, it is a Cherry) has been sighted.

And everything is growing like there is no tomorrow.

What else - the Smoke Bush is heading for peak, and lots and lots of other stuff is out.

So, that's it - I hereby declare 24th October to be the Spring Peak for this year.

This Iris???? A white one, not the old white that is the Orris Root one, just another Iris in Paradise.


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