Monday, April 14, 2014

Jindivick and a Delightful Visit

Last Saturday was the Rare and Unusual Plants Fair at Jindivick, and it was a gem. Only drawback was the light rain and occasional cow pat under foot. Good range of plants (although not many veggies, plenty of herbs) and I thought the prices were quite reasonable.

Renaissance Herbs/Di's Delightful Plants were there, and it was good to briefly meet Clive, from Clive's Corner.
Then, on the way home we had the absolute delight of calling in to see where Donna Digs. Along with Brian and family (which includes a dog to die for, as it chases cockatoos off Russian Giant Sunflowers).

I don't need to describe Donna's Garden, as the blog does that really well - except to say that it is BIG, glorious, and my beloved wants to steal her orchard.

We swapped a few plants, adn I am off home to try to save some seed for Donna. is this the one you want? Don't be confused with the normal capsicum growing behind it.


If anyone knows the name of these little cappies (you find them in delis stuffed with cream cheese), or knows where to source seed, Donna would be very happy to hear from you. Otherwise, I will be saving seed and hoping like mad that it is not hybrid. These came in a six punnet mix of three types that we got this year from BAAG, and have temporarily (!) misplaced the label.

Trying to take a close-up photo (do you like the scale?), I have noticed that as they ripen, what is usually the base of a capsicum points upwards. Quite strange.


Blogger Lykkelig i hagen said...

It seems like your garden is filled with wonderful food! Lucky you! Regards from the other side of the world! Anne-Kristin in Norway

4:02 AM  

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