Friday, January 21, 2005

Bluey's okay

I've been worried for a while, because I haven't seen Bluey around. S/he lives under the black plastic where I keep the bales of mulch, and is the Guardian of the Kitchen Garden. Even has Her/His own little peep holes into the house-leeks that edge one of the beds, a bit like a McDonalds Drive Through for Blue-Tongue Lizards. Just stick your head in, grab a couple of slaters, earwigs or slugs (or maybe even a nice, juicy snail), and keep on going with life.

I've always had to watch out when walking on that black plastic, that I didn't step on him/her (which is a scary thing for both of us when it happens). So I put little stepping stones everywhere on it.

And I hadn't seen Her/Him around for a while. So I was really glad to find Bluey in a corner of the Kitchen Garden again today.


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