Monday, January 24, 2005

Senses in the Garden

For a while I have been taking an interest in Sensory Gardens, and Dementia Gardens, so while I was watering last night I was really exercising my mind as to what senses were engaged in my garden.

SENSE OF SMELL is the most obvious. I had been creating mulch with general cuttings, and mulched a heap of lemon verbena and chocolate mint. And I was watering the basil. All beautiful.

HEARING the crickets were quite noisy last night.

SIGHT it was getting dark, but for several days I had been really enjoying seeing the white of the cabbage butterflies (yes, I know they are a pest) on the purple and green of lavender as they were feasting on the nectar.

TASTE - I have been nibbling on the mustard greens and French beans as I watered.

TOUCH This one had me for a while. I enjoy the feel of water as it comes out the hose, but my overwhelming touch sensation last night was not a good one. It is NOT nice to keep walking into the webs for the Orb spiders at face level in the dark!!!! Yuck.

Guess nothing is perfect!


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