Friday, February 11, 2005

More Goodies on the Nature Strip

I’ve just put more goodies out on the nature strip for locals. There are the onions, plus one bag of blue/purple vigourous iris left. So now there are the candy-pink watsonias, a basket of old-fashioned cream jonquil bulbs and some Honesty/Lunularia seed.

I love Honesty, this is the blue/purple one, and hopefully a bit of the white in there too. I have heard there is also a pink, but I’ve never seen it – would love some if it exists. It grows wild in this garden, preferring the cooler, shadier, damper areas, but will take full sun if it gets water.

Just a word of caution though – it is BYO plastic bag (except for the Iris). Since this became an-almost-plastic-bag-free household, there are not a lot to spare.

And Yes, its here, but my Belladonnas aren’t yet. The grapevine is turning red at the end, which is a sure sign that autumn has arrived.


Blogger Alice said...

I'm on my way. Ooops, have to go back for the plastic bags.

2:18 PM  

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