Monday, February 14, 2005

Picking Gardens

I am posting these as a whole lot of different posts this morning – some I may want to find again in future years to check the date etc.

I have just been doing odd jobs in the garden, off to do more soon. I am sealing off one compost tank, not because it is full, but because if I just put lawn clippings on top it will be ready for the spuds in spring. So it will be interesting to see what date I actually use it – I haven’t kept track of that before. And my late spuds in the next tank I am going to use for compost are going gang-busters. Must get the other one empty. Soil is going on a Kitchen garden bed, so I can get bulbs in.

I notice Alice over on "A Growing Delight" (see side-bar for link) was talking of Flower Garden v. Veggie Garden. Which is why I call what might be a veggie garden a Kitchen Garden – it has veggies, herbs and flowers. The garden I don’t often heard mentioned is a Picking Garden – flowers grown specifically for the house. I was talking to someone the other day who won’t pick flowers from the garden, as it spoils the look – but will buy flowers. Ummm, that’s not me (and that is all I say, if it is who I think it is, she might be reading this blog!).

So I am having a picking bed in the Kitchen Garden this year, where I will put my daffodils in straight rows and give them careful management – the white ones especially, as I want to increase them by giving a good fertiliser and watering regime.


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