Saturday, February 12, 2005

Still no Belladonnas

Here are the Belladonnas just down the road. So I have been out and looked at mine again, and they are not even peeping through. (Unlike Mum's Witches broomstick, but that is another story).


I was talking to "I" this morning, and we were speculating on why my garden is colder than even those across the main road. And he reckons I may be right on the site of the ancient river (I certainly have the right stones). I am definitely in the "lower" part of the town, and cold air rolls downhill - probably from both sides.

So, where are my Belladonnas?


Blogger Alice said...

Oh, oh, oh, that lovely greeeen grass AND those blue, blue hills. Sorry about your belladonnas but you may have to just feast on other peoples, same as I did with the agapanthus.

When in England in 1993, a friend of Michelle's asked her "How do your parents like England?" She said, "They love it but Mum misses the blue hills." He was puzzled for a while and then asked "What colour blue?" They are just not the same over there and hard to find hills of any sort on the horizon. The next year he came to Australia and I asked "Do you know what colour blue now?" He said "Yes, I do now. I can see why you would miss them, too."

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