Sunday, February 13, 2005

Witches Broomstick

This revolting plant is my Mother's pride and joy.

Whitches Broomstick

Each of these two thick stalks is just starting to show the flower coming out - it will have a long, flat, reddish stem and a red and yellow brush on the end. Then it later had large flat green leaves, sometimes up to two foot long. Friends and I call it Mother-in-Law's Tongue (mainly to stir Mum), but it isn't that - that is Sanserveria.

I did a Google search and learned a lot about witches that I really didn't need to know, and saw a few sites I didn't go any further on that definitely had nothing to do with botany. And am none the wiser about this plant. The main plants associated with the word witch seem to be Solanum and, surprise, surprise - Belladonna! The Solanum being Deadly Nightshade.

So, still none the wiser. Mum thinks this is its second flowering this year, but I'm not so sure. Does anyone know what it actually is, so I can check it out a little further?


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