Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Odd Mud Wasps


I found this on a branch of my Queensland White Cedar the other day. I'm used to mud wasps that build in every crevice (and hose fitting) that they can find, but I have never seen them building around a twig on a tree out in the open. I wonder if they wash away in the rain????

As far as I know Mud Wsaps are not on any list of dangeroous insects, so I am assuming this is not something that needs to go into a bottle and go into the Department of Agriculture.

But has anyone else come across one that builds like this????


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just finished day 2 of my exhilarating gardening job. Today I tidied up 3 rose bushes, not too severely, they were still in flower and looking pretty. Trimmed one of the lavender bushes back into shape. Should I remove all the dead growth underneath? Or is that a silly question?

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