Saturday, February 26, 2005

Odd Seasonal Indicators

This is a strange season. There are grapes on my ornamental grapevine, and some crabs on my ornamental crab apple. Have never seen that before, and before you suggest this as a reason - the cross-pollinators have always been there. And there are olives on my olive tree for the first time (its maybe 15 years old), and it is a bumper crop.

But the most noticeable thing is the Mozzies. Everyone is saying it is the worst season they can remember for them. And I know some species actually breed on wet grass, not in "ordinary" water - so that may well be the reason. I stopped the car and got out down the road the other day, and the car filled with mozzies. I was a road hazard, swatting and driving, but I had to, as there were hundreds in the car. And the only way to get them out was to wind down the window whenever they got near it, and they got sucked out again.But it sure makes working in the garden difficult. :(


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