Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Where are the Wanderers???

I've just realised something else is missing. I didn't see any Wanderer/Monarch butterflies this year - and I have had the Swan Plant (don't ask me to spell its scientific name off the top of my head - it's a monster) growing for them. Heaps of seed on it though, so will have more for them next year if they call. They usually do.

Cool and windy here, with a feel of rain coming, and I have a few busy days away in front of me, so I have taken the barrow of bulbs off the nature strip.

Oooh, rain starting right now, and it is quite heavy. Send it down Hughie!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

are they lillies at all? the liliaceae family are monocotyledons which usually have llinear leaves. i can't see which are the leaves of your specimen. the leaves i can see look alot like ginger.

6:26 PM  

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