Sunday, March 06, 2005

A Routine Day

It's been one of those days where you do heaps of bits of tidying up, and think you cannot see anything at the end.

First, I mowed the lawn, then I trimmed the lavender. (Googs, I just hack the long, spent flowers stems off by the handful, and chop off any big bits growing in the wrong direction. I cut fairly close, just above the leaves, so I end up with these little, sort of grey domes).

Then I went to mow the mulch - mostly the lavender. I got a short distance in, and the mower stopped. I checked there was enough petrol - it was fine. Pulled it again. Not a spark. Okay, so I removed and cleaned the spark plug - but couldn't see a problem there. Pulled it again. No go. THEN I checked the petrol tap. Yep - I had turned it off when I finished the lawn. Moral - I may have short term memory loss, but I still know how to clean a spark plug!

Then I finished cleaning out a compost bin - and confirmed that the central stems of tree-fern fronds definitely don't break down in compost. So the mulcher will have to do them all in future. Spread the compost where I want to put rows of bulbs in. And hit my moral dilemma.

There are six Roma tomato bushes there that have almost finished, but have a week or two's tomatoes left on them. And I have Grosse Lisse tomatoes in great excess. And I need the space the Romas are in for the bulbs. But do you think I could pull them out???? No way.

So I went and weeded elsewhere instead. And removed all the oxalis (for the umpteenth time) from one of the garden beds.

And, to cap it all, tonight I got an e-mail suggesting my Cockatoos were "cute, feathery and cheeky". Or words like that. Cute??? The Pirana of the Bird World???? No way. But at least the crocus appear to be surviving.


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