Friday, March 25, 2005

Smoke Bushes

Googs was commenting on not seeing a lot of Smoke Bushes around - I know I had to search for my first one. And when I did find it in a local nursery and pounced on it with joy, the woman running the nursery commented that she had had it for ages, loved them, and no-one seemed to understand what it was.

That was the green one, that is in this bed - I think they have the more vivid colour. A few years ago I got the purple one, which is down near the gate - I don't think it has such a vivid autumn tone, or is as vigourous - but if you want an odd purple-toned bush for a shady place (the purple plants prefer shade), it is the one for you.

Then, this year I got a lime-green one, which is only small - I am waiting to see what it's first autumn will be like.

Botanically the Canary Island Smoke Bush is a Bystropogon - I thought the green one was B. canariensis - but they might all be cultivars of that. I had a quick look at the net, and ended up none the wiser - must dig out some books.

But my green one has two peaks - masses of "smoke" flowers in spring, almost enough to mulch that part of the bed when they fall, and very vivid autumn colours - which will be soon.


Blogger Alice said...

As well as the Purple Smoke Bush, which we've had for some years, we have purchased two last year - Cotinus 'Grace' coggygria. They have greenish leaves but in some lights they look almost navy blue.

6:31 PM  

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