Saturday, March 19, 2005

"Special" Bulbs are Planted

My "special" spring bulbs are planted out - in rows in the Kitchen Garden.

These are important bulbs that I have only a few of, that I want to treat with lots of TLC, to try and increase their numbers.

They are:

Two different sorts of pure white daffodil - I started a few years ago with only three bulbs of each, but there are just a few more now. Because I keep getting tempted to give special people "just a couple".

Some blue-green Ixia. I had them a few years ago, and lost them. I was able to get a few bulbs from a friend, but need to grow them on to increase their numbers before I let them loose in the main garden. Where I have the pink ones, and the darker pink ones, they have gone wild - so how I lost the blue-greens I do not know.

And my really special ones - my dark crimson Sparaxis. I have had the orange ones growing wild for years (Have I told you how much I dislike orange?). Then some mutated quite a few years ago to what I thought was a very interesting red. So I segregated them, and have been growing them on for a while. But last year there were a few crimson ones that were almost a "black" crimson - again, coming from the orange ones, not the other red ones. So I have very carefully segregated them, and am growing them on - then I will pass them around so they don't get "lost" (ie choked out by weeds).

And my Swan Plant is now producing seed - the "swans" are breaking open and there is a puff of white fluff, like a cotton ball, with large black seeds. If anyone wants a few (or a heap), giver me a holler - they are great for kids to grow.


Blogger Alice said...

The blue/green Ixias really stand out, don't they. Such an unusual colour. A garden in the next suburb had a wonderful display for many years all along the footpath. I used to look forward to seeing them each year. I think the property must have changed hands because the garden has disappeared and so too have all the beautiful Ixias.

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