Friday, November 14, 2008

Late Night Encounters

It has been pleasantly damp here, so I was out snailing before bed. There was I bobbing around my garden with my trusty torch, when I hear a voice, asking me if I was okay, and had I lost anything?

It was one of the young blokes of the town, on his way home from a mate's place.

I explained that I was fine, and I was just picking up snails and dropping them into a bucket of hot water and biodegradable detergent.

"OOOOh", says he. "Lethal"

And he keeps on walking.

Just that little bit faster.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is nice in this day and age that he bothered asking, doesn't happen a lot from observations, ppl walk past so much!

Would have been funny to see his reaction though LOL


5:58 PM  

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