Saturday, December 06, 2008

Biodegradble Pots

I thought I had posted about this here - but find I haven't.

Around October I bought some biodegrable pots, which were a very flexible green plastic - thinking they would break down in the garden - but they don't. Hence my moving to toilet roll inners - which are going well, except the water needs to be kept up to them.

Biodegradable pots

This is one of them on the left. They have been through at least three different lots of seedlings so far. However I was just potting some stuff up, and find the one on the right is also supposed to be biodegradable, according to the label on the base. It is from Oasis, and we have been using it for at least a year. Doesn't show much sign of bio-degrading.

Maybe it means they only take fifty years to break down in landfill, rather than five thousand???



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